Meet Avenu’s Business Analyst, Ann Hegglin

For nearly 25 years, Ann Hegglin has played an important role in serving Avenu’s justice clients. Ann is a Business Analyst, and in her role today she works closely with customers by supporting the Help Desk, creating requirements, providing training, and always looking for ways to streamline and improve the software.

Ann has quite the sense of adventure. Originally from England, she met her Canadian husband in Indonesia while traveling through South East Asia and Australia. In 1989 Ann moved to Canada’s beautiful Vancouver region and fell in love with the lakes and mountains that surround them. It is here that they raised two active daughters and now enjoy spending time with their 5- year-old grandson who is “a joy and a holy terror.”

During her early years in Vancouver, Ann was asked to consult for Omni-Tech, a jury solutions provider. This family-run business quickly hired Ann full-time, to make use of her aptitude for testing and training. Frequently she would travel with the sales team to provide demos and attend trade shows. Omni Tech became a leader in jury solutions and eventually went through various acquisitions and name changes until it became a part of Avenu.

Although the company Ann initially started with went through transformations, her role in working closely with clients remained the same and she has become a deep subject matter expert by growing with our solutions and their transformations. Ann always listens very closely to customers and their unique needs to find ways to optimize Avenu’s solutions, so it fits with their workflows. If there are any issues, Ann puts on her detective hat to find and resolve them.

“I work closely with the development team to resolve issues. Jing Zhang is the lead developer and I always enjoy her fresh perspective and how she thinks outside of the box. I am very proud of our jury product,” said Ann. “Kathy Church is my counterpart, and we always share what we’ve learned with each other to increase our knowledge and better serve our clients.”

Teammates are not the only ones that Ann has formed a strong connection with over the years. “Working directly with clients is my favorite part of the job, and it’s a great feeling of satisfaction when knowing a client is happy. We have some clients that I’ve worked with for many years and have come to know on a personal level,” Ann shared. “We’ve watched our families grow-up through the years.”