Margaret Rose Provides Support and Assistance…and a Great Sense of Humor

Avenu’s Tax & License Administration team helps cities bill and collect business licenses. A big part of what our team provides is working with local businesses of particular cities and answering all of their questions regarding the taxes and processes.

Margaret Rose, Bi-Lingual Business License Administrator, was recently commended by a local business for working with them until all of their questions were answered. Read what the business owner had to say.

This morning I was privileged to receive outstanding customer service from Margaret. I was applying for business registration in the city and had spent quite a lot of time ( 1hour) trying unsuccessfully to complete the application. When I was finally connected to her, she not only helped me fix the particular item I was having difficulty with, but she stayed on the line and walked me through the complete process all the way through payment. She was supportive, informative, patient and had a great sense of humor. I was so impressed that I offered for us to become new best friends (lol) On a serious note, the kind of customer support she provided is rare and I hope that my comments will be forwarded to her supervisor/boss.

Thanks again to Margaret and to you for having such quality employees.
Dr. Jackson

Excellent job Margaret Rose for serving our client and making a friend in the process!