Lou’s Tips on Customer Meetings

Lou Schiavone Jr. is our Chief Customer Officer (CCO) & President for his years of experience and expertise in knowing how to effectively work with our clients. Here are the top 3 areas that he focuses on when meeting with a customer:

The gift of a time

  • Being granted a customer meeting should always be viewed as a privilege or a gift of time and should be treated that way.
  • Return that gift or favor with preparation and a readiness to provide true value.
  • A short, impactful meeting is always appreciated over drawn out discussion that fills the time allotted.

It’s the customer’s agenda

  • Be the master of ceremony not the speaker.  Create opportunities for the customer to open up based on what you learned thru your preparation.
  • Do not discuss solutions until the problem is completely understood and the customer asks to hear what your company can do.

Be fast and furious

  • React immediately to follow-up. Anyone, especially busy customers, move quickly onto something else.
  • Deliver value, whether that’s a proposal, an idea, an action item or a follow-up meeting on a specific interest.
  • Show appreciation by sending a note of gratitude that reflects your understanding of the discussion and itemizes the follow-up.