Is Your Inbox Flooded with Internal Emails? Microsoft Teams Can Help

Are you or a team member dealing with a flood of internal emails? Emails are a great way of communicating, but often times, a simple Teams message would suffice. If you’re not familiar with Teams, it is part of our Microsoft Suite Office. Teams provides a chat feature to quickly connect with a colleague. Sending a message through the Teams chat feature is called “messaging” and is similar to texting but on your computer.

Does Messaging versus Emailing really make a difference? YOU BET! Imagine if all your personal inbox would look like if all your texts were sent as emails.

Teams provides the same positive difference. Not only will you reduce the amount of emails you receive internally, but you’ll also get a faster response from the people you “message.” You can also set-up channels or groups to talk to your teammates or members of a specific project or company initiative.

Learn more with this 2-minute training video.