Introducing the Sales Performance Incentive Fund Program

The new Incentive Program (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) program is designed to engage and reward all employees for contributing to the growth of Avenu Insights & Analytics. This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for each of you to play an active role in our success while earning financial rewards.

The program will run for Q3 (July to September) 2024 and any Q3 leads that close through end of the year. Our success in this program is very important to us achieving our goals as a company and it provides a way for everyone in the company to participate.

Why It’s Important:
The program leverages the collective network of all employees to generate new business leads for our recently launched Avenu | STR platform and Avenu | Payments. By participating in this program, you help us tap into a broader pool of contacts, increase our market reach, and accelerate our sales pipeline. This initiative not only fosters a sense of ownership and involvement among all employees but also drives revenue growth by empowering each one of you to be a potential sales support resource.

Program Definition:
The growth program offers a financial incentive to any employee who identifies a new lead and provides that contact to the sales and marketing team. If the identified lead results in a contract by end of year with Avenu for eligible products, the referring employee will receive a payout based on the contract’s Annual Contract Value (ACV).

Details of the Program:

  • Eligible Employees: All company employees are eligible to participate in the incentive program and must be an active employee on the date of any payment under the program.
  • Eligible Products: The products included in this program are Avenu | STR (and) Avenu | Payments.
  • Lead Submission Process: Employees will submit new leads via a designated online portal, providing relevant contact information and any initial insights about the lead.
  • Lead Approval: The first submission registered to the portal will be credited with the lead. The only requalification is that it must not be an existing pipeline entry in the last 12 months.
  • Sales Account Executives (AE’s) Only: AE’s are eligible for outbound sourced leads. Sales Development Representative (SDR), Marketing or Customer Success Manager (CSM) initiated leads are ineligible for credit.
  • Sales Follow-Up: The sales team will pursue the lead, following standard sales procedures to convert the lead into a customer.
  • Payout Structure at Signature of Contract:
  • Less than $20K ACV: $100
  • Greater than $20K and less than $50K ACV: $250
  • Greater than $50K and less than $100K ACV: $1,000
  • AE Only: Greater than $100K ACV: $1,000 payment for closed leads over 100K ACV to close a lead generated by any non AE lead source.
  • Verification and Approval: The RevOps and Finance teams will verify the contract value and approve the payout that will coincide with normal payroll runs after the program’s conclusion (normally 45-60 days after end of quarter).

Training Materials: For more information and training materials on the eligible products, please visit CentralAve.

We believe this program will be a great success and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our company. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work. Good luck!