Introducing EPay2Go: Empowering Government Revenue Collection on the Go

In today’s fast-paced world, local governments are no longer bound by traditional payment services within physical offices. Local governments are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance the efficiency of their services. Avenu’s mobile application, EPay2Go, was designed specifically for jurisdictions to process payments on the go and empower local governments to embrace the future of payment collection.

The mobile application, EPay2Go, equips local governments with the flexibility to create custom payment services for any department or service within their jurisdiction. Whether it’s for parking permits, utility bills, fines, or any other municipal payment, the application can be tailored to meet specific requirements, providing a seamless payment experience for constituents. Even in remote locations, attendants can process digital payments quickly and easily, enabling them to provide the best service possible to their constituents

Customizability is at the core of EPay2Go. Every jurisdiction has its own specific needs and workflows and EPay2Go can be easily tailored to fit those unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with the rest of the department’s operations. Leveraging the power of the EB2Gov systems, EPay2Go utilizes the Government Platform for quick and easy customization, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the jurisdiction’s services. Furthermore, the self-service Citizen Platforms empower customers to view transaction history anytime, providing transparency and peace of mind.

By offering an online payment platform through EB2Gov, EPay2Go enables constituents to pay for permits, passes, and other municipal items online. This eliminates the need for mailing physical items, saving costs and time for both agencies and constituents. The instantaneous printing of documents with barcodes allows for easy validation upon arrival, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall payment experience.

Additionally, EPay2Go plays a crucial role in deterring and eliminating fraud. By scanning barcodes and validating usage and information in seconds, attendants can quickly identify if a document is valid, expired, or has already been used. This level of validation ensures a high level of security and trust in the payment process, protecting both agencies and constituents.

EPay2Go offers local governments a comprehensive solution to streamline payment collection for municipal services in any environment. With the ability to process credit card payments anytime, anywhere, along with its innovative features and seamless integration, this application is a game-changer for agencies seeking to enhance service delivery and improve efficiency. By embracing EPay2Go, government agencies can provide their constituents with a convenient, secure, and reliable payment experience, ultimately contributing to the overall progress and digital transformation of their communities.