Introducing Avenu | STR

Avenu is revolutionizing short-term rental (STR) management with the introduction of Avenu | STR, our latest SaaS platform. Tailored specifically for local governments, this platform is designed to enhance STR compliance and streamline revenue management. Read on to explore the innovative features of Avenu | STR and its potential to transform municipal governance.

Avenu | STR leverages cutting-edge technology to offer a comprehensive solution for the STR market. It efficiently tracks and monitors data from over 100 websites several times a week, capturing every listing, even those that might try to evade detection. This extensive monitoring is supported by sophisticated data analytics and customizable reporting tools, providing daily updates and deep insights into financial trends and market behaviors in the STR sector.

The platform greatly simplifies the registration and permitting processes through a user-friendly, mobile-ready portal. This feature enables property owners and managers to conveniently register properties, process payments, and handle documentation. For jurisdictions needing tighter controls, Avenu | STR provides a full-service online registration and permitting system with customizable options to suit various local regulations.

Moreover, Avenu | STR enhances tax collection with a comprehensive tax portal that facilitates easy tax registration and payment remittance by property managers and owners. It incorporates advanced reporting tools and versatile payment methods such as credit card, ACH, and debit transactions, aiming to improve the efficiency and timeliness of tax collections.

Available around the clock on a cloud-based platform, Avenu | STR ensures that all municipal staff, from council members to code enforcement officers, have continuous access and are provided with thorough training. This accessibility and support equip staff members with the necessary tools to manage STR compliance effectively and efficiently.