Intensely Driven & Determined to Serve Our Clients – Meet Nonso

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work with Nonso Chukwujekwu, you’ll know this about him…he’ll get the job done and do it well. Originally from Nigeria, Nonso was a pre-med student who found his way to Avenu and continues to make a positive and lasting impression with his clients and teammates.

Here’s what we learned in a recent interview.

You were born and raised in Nigeria. When did you first come to the United States?

I came to the U.S. in 2003 when I was 18 years old. I left the only home I ever knew and traveled 5,000 miles…by myself…to seek a better life and education. I went to Jacksonville State University in Alabama and graduated with honors as a pre-med biology major. My initial goal was to become a surgeon.

Did you go to medical school?

No. Later I did get my MBA, but when I calculated how much I would have to take out in school loans to complete my medical degree, I decided that I would be in debt forever if I went that route. Instead, I started working as an Audit Clerk for RDS which later became Avenu. I loved the work and still do. We have a great team!

Have you gone back to visit Nigeria?

I’ve gone three times and was actually going to visit last year but had a change of plans due to Covid-19. My mom and sister live with me, my wife and three children here in Alabama.

How did you meet your wife?

We met at church and I fell for her instantly. Our kids are ages 7, 6 and 1 and keep us busy. It’s great because having kids makes me want to travel, sightsee and share new experiences with them. It definitely makes me more outgoing than I used to be.

Today at Avenu you are a subject matter expert and Product Owner of the Tax Administration System. What does that entail?

My first priority is to listen to our customers and provide them with a solution that will truly work for them with the best software solution we can provide. I do this by talking to our clients and really understanding their needs and pain points. My job is to make processes more efficient and to continually bring new features to the system.

As Product Owner, are there any new solutions that clients should be aware of?

We have just released a full-scale short-term rental solution that addresses lodging tax collection, licensing and code compliance. We developed a proprietary web-crawler that identifies all rentals on Home Away, Airbnb, Flip Key, Craigslist along with the exact address, owner name and estimated minimum sales. It’s going to be a game-changer for our clients.

Is there anything you would like for our clients to know?

Yes! I really want them to know that Avenu cares about them and that they are our first priority. I’m looking forward to meeting with them in person again and helping our clients achieve their revenue goals.