How Solving Technical Challenges Is Like Cooking & Gardening – Meet Scott White

For 20 years, Scott White has been an integral part of Avenu’s Record Management team. Working closely with clients, he understands how the Recorders Office operates and all of the different workflows and requirements involved for each client. Scott has a great deal of technical expertise, but he also has very creative side. In this recent interview, Scott shares his creative side and his love of working with clients. Here’s a chance to get know him a little better.

What roles have you primarily held while at Avenu?

Previously I’ve been a Program Manager which gave me a great understanding of the technical aspects of different applications, how to troubleshoot, and make any requested changes. Currently, I’m a Customer Support Manager and help clients who are implementing new technologies..

How has technology changed in the marketplace?

Advancements have made applications faster and more robust than ever. Our new cloud based records management applications allow for us to make custom changes that are unique to a specific need or workflow in just a matter of minutes. We also have deployed several cloud applications that enable remote access, which after the pandemic, has become almost essential for many jurisdictions.

How do you recharge and spend your free time?

People who work with me probably think my free time is spent reading manuals or doing something very analytical…which couldn’t be further from reality. I love being creative in the kitchen and garden. Both give me great energy.

What are some of your favorite creations?

I love making barbeque ribs. One of my wife’s favorite dishes is Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Pan Seared Scallops & a Raspberry Reduction. Although she claims that my true talent is opening up the fridge and making something from what we have. I’m not afraid of throwing things together and creating something unique. As for the garden, we’ve been in our current home for about five years now and a have a long-term plan that’s coming to life.

Do you find any connection between being technical and being creative?

Solving needs for clients is very much like cooking without a recipe or gardening. You have to understand how a few key components of a program (or ingredients for cooking or  flowers /plants in the garden) work together and how they don’t. That gives you a base set of parameters to work with and how to make custom changes or problem solve any technical issues.

With 20 years at Avenu you’ve seen many changes. What are some of the most recent changes that are making a difference?
The leadership team we have is doing an incredible job putting the right people in the right positions to make a difference for our clients. The leadership team continually communicates in various forms and they are accessible to both clients and employees.

What is the best part of your job?

Definitely working with people. It may be with a client that I’ve built a relationship with for 20 years or it could be a new member of their staff. I enjoy helping others and learning from those I interact with on a daily basis. My dad always said, “Any day you meet someone new, is a great day.”