Host Nation Launch

Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community is officially available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book’s exposure is dependent on the ranking on platforms which is mainly driven by sales and reviews. We encourage our team to promote the book and write a review, you can find the Amazon review link here.

Host Nation is a one of a kind guide for government leaders to navigate the STR landscape and crafting effective regulations. Authored by our very own George Gretsas and Brennan Middleton, this book is a groundbreaking resource for government leaders and policy makers looking to master the complexities of the short-term rental (STR) market.

The success of the book on these platforms heavily depends on visibility, which is driven by sales and, crucially, customer reviews. We encourage every member of our Avenu team to not only promote the book but also to contribute reviews. Sharing your thoughts on the book can significantly enhance its visibility and impact. You can find the Amazon review link here to leave your feedback.  To hear more insights about Host Nation, you can access the recent webinar with the authors on our Youtube channel. 
Congratulations to George Gretsas and Brennan Middleton on this significant achievement. Let’s rally together to support “Host Nation” and ensure it reaches the hands of as many policymakers and government officials as possible.