Expanding Justice: Avenu’s Enhanced Product Suite Elevates Court Efficiency and Innovation


We’re excited to share some significant developments in our product line, stemming from our strategic acquisitions this year. These acquisitions have allowed us to integrate and enhance our offerings, including Avenu Court, Citepay, and Citation Import, as well as introducing the formidable capabilities of RevQ+ into our portfolio.

Avenu Court, a cornerstone of our enhanced justice solutions, is a web-based application that is trusted by over 500 courts of varying sizes and jurisdictions. This comprehensive platform efficiently manages cases from inception to resolution, covering all intermediary events. Its integration with Citepay and Citation Import streamlines the tracking and management of simple traffic cases, effectively acting as a “virtual clerk” and enabling courts to focus on more complex, hands-on cases.

In these times of budgetary constraints and increasing case volumes, Avenu Court’s automated functionality is invaluable. It not only optimizes operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the workload on court staff, allowing them to allocate more time to critical judicial activities.

The inclusion of RevQ+ in Avenu’s portfolio offers courts a powerful tool to assist constituents in settling their financial obligations promptly and efficiently. This prevents the negative consequences of delayed payments, such as the loss of driving privileges or the accrual of additional penalties. Furthermore, RevQ+ has advanced data analytics that provide courts with valuable insights, helping them understand the effectiveness of their operational strategies and make informed decisions.

We are in the process of enhancing these products to include hosting capabilities and introduce more feature-rich functionalities. These upgrades are designed to provide our clients with even more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly solutions, aligning with Avenu’s commitment to innovation and excellence in serving the needs of state and local governments.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionize the justice system with our advanced technology solutions, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and improved service delivery for our clients and their constituents.