Congratulations to Our Visionary Customers

Everyday our Clients are those brave Elected Officials sworn to office to be the Official Caretaker of their cities and counties business critical and historical artifacts. They are tasked to retain, store and make available to the public upon request records dating back hundreds of years to the founding of our Country.

Of special note are those Officials responsible for the Official Land Records that document the ownership of Land Title in our Country, for many of us our most expense assets, our homes.

Avenu wants to acknowledge our visionary customers that have not only protected these historical artifacts, they digitized these records back to Sovereignty. They have preserved history for generations to come. Congratulations to newest recipients of the “Book One Club.”

  • Cumberland County, ME lead by Nancy Lane, Register of Deeds (retired) & Jessica Spaulding, Register of Deeds for digitizing back to year 1753
  • Cooke County, TX lead by Pam Harrison, County Clerk for digitizing back to year 1850