City of College Station Texas Renews Partnership with Avenu

The City of College Station, Texas recently renewed its contract with Avenu to provide Audit and Administration Services for Hotel and Motel Occupancy Taxes. The contract includes our Discovery and Recovery services which increases compliance and revenue by identifying and collecting from unregistered properties within the City’s limits.

Avenu is a leading provider of audit and tax administration services in Texas where hotel and motel operators are required to collect state hotel occupancy tax from their guests who rent a room or space in a hotel costing $15 or more each day. The hotel industry books billions of dollars in business each year which translates into relevant tax revenue for local Texas governments—as long as it gets remitted correctly.

“The challenge is that our staff is responsible for reviewing many different tax types in a short period of time,” said College Station Purchasing Manager, Lisa Davis. “Having the expertise and ability to allow the Avenu team to audit Hotel Occupancy Tax provides detailed inspection that will result in uncovering unpaid or underpaid taxes owed to the City.”

Avenu’s best practices previously resulted in over $70,000 of additional tax revenue to the City over a four-year period.

Great job to Greg Koontz, Client Success Manager, and the Proposal Team for putting together a winning response.