Client Gives John Elliott Accolades

Serving customers can be hard work and takes a great deal of dedication which is what makes it rewarding when a client gives you accolades. A client who was retiring after 33 years on the job, took time to reach out to Avenu’s John Elliott, Jury Help Desk Supervisor, to thank him for continually going above and beyond.

Here’s the email John received:

Good morning John,

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that after 33+ years, I am retiring, my last day of service is July 30, 2021.

It has been a pleasure working with you and having you serve as guidance to the court’s many trials and tribulations! I have always appreciated persons who know their jobs but who also bring a human touch to the table. Your approach to all matters has been calming as well as reassuring and that always made for an excellent exchange of information and dialogue.

Thank you again for taking all of our calls and for going above and beyond in your efforts to assist us.

Gilberto Cardona Jr.


Gilberto Cardona Jr.

Assistant Jury Administrator