Providing Access to Justice: Are You ADA Compliant?

As Courts continue to transition from being custodians of paper files to online publishers of information, the essential questions are: what records are accessible, to whom and how?  Clearview Justice Portal (CJP) streamlines the constituent experience through public facing applications while providing instant information access for Court Administrative Offices.

We are happy to announce that CJP is also compliant with the American Disability Act (ADA) and offers clients the flexibility to tailor their portals. From the ground up, CJP is designed to be ADA compliant and benefit someone who is blind, color blind, visual impaired or unable to use a mouse. Clients have the flexibility to implement:

  • 100% navigable via keyboard
  • Proper font sizes and color contrasts for visually impaired
  • Understandable to a screen reader (using the appropriate HTML and adding Aria attributes in the proper places)
  • Acceptable User Experience for those relying on audio only

Learn more about how CJP can make a difference in your jurisdiction by reaching out to us at succeed@avenuinsights.com.