Clearview Jury

The Avenu Justice Team will soon be delivering the Clearview Jury June Release to our Maintenance Clients. Here is a sneak preview of all the new features and updates packed in this release.

Feature: New Baseline FTA report

Courts require a report that displays a list of persons who were expected to report and who have Failed to Appear on their reporting date. A new report – called “FTA Report” – has been created and is accessible from Report Requests and generated for a specific court location and date range. The report will display first by FTA Date then Alphabetically within each FTA Date.  The report displays persons still in FTA Postponed status.  Example: if a person is Reinstated to Pool/Qualified status or once they have been placed on a new pool they will no longer display on the report.

Feature: Allow Pay Before Checkout

Some Courts pay their jurors during the day before checkout.  A new config property has been created which allows the court to pay jurors before they have been given a time out. Staff will check a person into attendance then perform “Pay Person” or “Pay Court Location”, etc. to generate the check/payment.  The court then continues with the daily business of creating panels etc.

Feature: Reassign Panel Enhancement

This enhancement was created to address the following requirements:

  • Courts often need to reassign a panel to the next day. Removing the restriction where persons must be in attendance with no time out will allow Courts to do so.
  • When performing Reassign Persons, Jurors are reassigned in their current panel random number order

Feature: Ability to Add Additional Report to Panel Package

A new Config Property has been created – additionalPanelReport – which allows courts to include a specified report in their panel package. When configured, the additional report will be generated at the end of the panel package.

Feature: Add Voir Dire Beginning Date and Time to Maintain Case

A free field – Voir Dire Begin Date – has been added to the Maintain Case editor.  The inclusion of this field is to assist courts that wish to create their own reports to capture Voir Dire Begin Date and Time.

Feature: NCOA Import File Now Baseline

The NCOA Import has been modified to make it configurable for clients as part of the baseline application.  This will allow clients to import National Change of Address results from their print / mail vendor, etc. A new Validation Code Table has been created and pre-populated with the court specific codes.  This table indicates which Disqualification Code (Description column) is to be assigned to records contained in the Import file from Avenu Partner, Pegboard, or your print / mail vendor with an Action Code of O, S or X (ID column).

Feature: Create NCOA Export File for Added Persons

In addition, the NCOA Export functionality has been enhanced to create a new Export File when persons added to a pool – so that additional summons can be processed for NCOA and printed. Currently, prior to the Pool ID being processed from the NCOA Export editor if the court removes records or adds to the Pool the row in the NCOA Export editor updates accordingly.  After the Pool has been processed from the NCOA Export editor no new file is generated if the court Adds to the Existing Pool.  Now clients can choose to use the existing functionality or choose to have a new file is created in NCOA Export editor for persons added to the pool.

Feature: Baseline Pre-audit Report Updated to Allow Sort by Location

The baseline Pre-Audit report has been updated to separate into court locations. This can be extremely valuable to statewide Clearview Jury clients. The Pre-Audit report, when generated for ALL, generates in Alpha order for the entire report. State and larger courts may generate payment for all locations and require the report to separate out by location then alpha. The Pre-audit Report has been updated to allow sort by Court Location then last name/first name.