Webinar: How to Search Records in Milliseconds vs Minutes

Avenu’s webinar showcases a cutting-edge new document search tool developed specifically for local government in partnership with Google Cloud and Sada Systems. Clearview Super Search enables governments to access documents with lightning speed across departments. The advanced search techniques allow constituents to quickly and conveniently search, purchase and download files, reducing support calls, while increasing revenue and productivity.

Compliance Auditing – Short Video Shows How Cities Can Raise More Revenue

Compliance auditing can have many meanings, but for Avenu and its clients it means higher revenue from franchise fees and various taxes that are not paid in full or at all.  See the short video on how this works!

[Recorded Webinar]: 2018 Year in Review

Hear what our panelists Andrea Fox (EfficientGov.com) and Liz Farmer, public finance writer of Governing Magazine, had to say about the the critical issues of the year and which ones will continue to require attention from jurisdictions.

Shadow Revenue: Where Is It and How to Find It

Revenue is an increasingly important topic for cities and counties, especially since 61 municipalities have declared bankruptcy since 2010. And in 2017, the General Fund growth for cities slowed to 0.9% with expenditures up 2%. New funding is imperative to supply the expected level of municipal programs and services.

[Recorded Webinar] Shadow Revenue: What It Is and Where to Find It

Does your actual business license revenue match up with the estimated amount? Gaps occur when businesses don’t pay or underreport their taxes and fees, which is becoming more common as they operate on mobile and virtual platforms.

Clearview: Download the webinar and try it for free!

Download our recent webinar by Avenu Senior Vice President Doug Jensen and Product Developer Eric Myers on how Avenu’s Clearview software can help you recognize and anticipate changes in your jurisdiction’s revenue. Doug highlights all that Clearview can do for your agency, and Eric goes over features such as graphic displays, overlays and real-time data. With this you can easily show your council, mayor and citizens why revenue changes occur and how they affect overall economic performance.

[Recorded Webinar] Franchise Fees: Download Here

View or download our recent webinar by Avenu’s Jonathan Gerth, Esq. on how you can get more funding from the franchise fees you collect from utility providers. Jonathan will cover how you can increase compliance with an ordinance review, pending legal challenges that can work in your favor, and how some fees don’t get included in your payments but should.

[Recorded Webinar] Underpaid Lodging Taxes: How Local Governments Can Correct the Imbalance

In this exclusive session led by auditors from El Paso, Texas and Avenu, you’ll discover critical concepts to unlocking your government’s full revenue potential:

H.O.T. Times in the City

A Guide to Maximize Your City’s Occupancy Tax

Ted Kamel, Senior Hotel Tax Examiner and Client Services Manager