Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals For A Happier Community

As the short-term rental (STR) market continues to reshape the dynamics of travel and real estate, local governments and stakeholders face the challenge of adapting to its rapid evolution. Avenu Insights & Analytics is at the forefront of providing solutions and insights into this changing landscape. We are excited to announce the launch of our new book, “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for A Happier Community.”

Navigating Economic Trends & the Impact on State & Local Governments

Interested in how government leaders stay ahead of evolving trends? The unique challenges faced by these leaders in managing the economic landscape were the focus of our recent webinar, Navigating Economic Trends & the Impact on State & Local Governments. In partnership with UCLA Anderson Forecast, we explored a range of topics that directly impact state and local governments. As economic dynamics shift, maintaining a proactive stance becomes crucial for government leaders.

Economic Resilience: Navigating Challenges for Government Leaders

Government shutdown? Global conflict? There is one thing we can count on as we look ahead for the remainder of 2023…economic uncertainty. Curious about the latest economic facts, figures and trends?

WEBINAR: A Glimpse into the Future of Jury Management

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of modern governance, understanding how technology plays a pivotal role in traditional systems becomes paramount. One such domain that has seen remarkable transformation due to technological advancements is jury management. Recognizing this, we recently organized a webinar to explore this transformation in depth.

Webinar: Embracing the Power of AI for Government Transformation

The adoption of AI across various sectors such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing has already driven significant shifts in operations and services. Local governments are uniquely positioned to leverage AI’s capabilities due to their critical roles in policy implementation, service delivery, emergency response, and social welfare.

Economic Uncertainty & the Impact on State & Local Governments

As we embark on the second half of the year, one thing remains certain – economic uncertainty. Are you eager to understand where the economy is heading and how it will impact your government’s funds?  

Webinar: Short-Term Rentals: Managing Compliance & Administration in Your Community

Are you feeling the impact of Short-Term Rentals in your area? We understand the challenges that STRs can bring to local governments and communities.
Tune in to this webinar as we explore the rise of STRs, the strain they can put on communities, and why it can be difficult to find solutions. We also walk you through the four stages of ordinances and the compliance lifecycle and provide you with strategies for boosting compliance and revenue in this evolving market.

Webinar: Mastering STR Ordinances: Essential Tips for Texas Government Leaders

The rise of short-term rentals (STRs) is creating a new set of regulatory challenges for government leaders. This webinar recognizes the exponential growth of STRs in Texas and highlights the challenges faced by cities and towns in keeping up with this expanding sector. If you’re concerned about how to navigate this issue in your jurisdiction, this webinar offers invaluable insights into STR ordinances and regulations in Texas. You will gain practical knowledge, best practices, and tips to ensure regulatory compliance and foster a thriving STR industry while safeguarding your communities.

Webinar: Digital Payments: Transforming Revenue Collection for Local Government

As technology advances and digital payments become increasingly popular, it’s crucial for local governments to stay current with the changing needs of their constituents. With Avenu’s payments solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve by providing a wide range of payment options both online and in-person. To demonstrate the impact of electronic payments, we shared a success story from one of our customer to showcase how implementing user-friendly payment options can significantly enhance constituent satisfaction and engagement.

Cybercrime: Enemy at the Gate

Everyone thinks they are prepared for a cyberattack until they are attacked. As technology advances so have the skills of hackers and data miners who continue to become more sophisticated and malicious using a variety of hard to detect methods to gain access to your network. 2021 saw an incredible surge in cyberattacks across the country. With more employees working remotely and working outside their office networks, IT security is more important than ever.