Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community

In the latest episode of “Local Government Insights: Modernizing Government Leadership,” we are joined by Brennan Middleton and George Gretsas, the authors of “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community.” They share their extensive analysis of hundreds of ordinances and regulatory experience, offering deep insights into the world of short-term rentals (STRs).

Civic Transformation – AI’s Revolutionary Impact on Local Governance

In this episode, we explore how Generative AI and ChatGPT can revolutionize local government functions, featuring insights and real-world examples. Our special guests, Vidhu Shekhar, Microsoft Interim SLG Business Strategy Leader, and Micah Gaudet, Deputy City Manager of Maricopa, AZ, join us for an engaging discussion and live demonstration. We delve into key topics, including the automation of document generation for efficiency and personalization, leveraging AI for data analysis and visualization, providing step-by-step guidance on grant applications with ChatGPT, and examining various applications of Generative AI, including Virtual Emergency Operations Centers and Staffing Models.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Jury Management

In today’s episode, we explored the evolving landscape of modern governance and its relationship with technology. We addressed the unique challenges faced by Jury Administrators in the digital age, examined New Mexico’s innovative vision for its jury system, and explored cutting-edge technological innovations that are reshaping jury management.

How AI Will Transform State & Local Government

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in state and local government operations and services. Our guest, Vidhu Shekhar, a seasoned executive in technology and strategy with a focus on public sector digital transformation, shares insights from his book, “Generative Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in State & Local Governments.”

Connecting Communities: The Power of Podcasting for Local Governments

Looking to modernize your government leadership and better connect with your community? In this episode, we explore the world of podcasts for local governments with special guest Ramiro Adeva, Assistant City Manager for Agoura Hills, CA. Ramiro shares how his lively podcast series has captured the attention and hearts of his community, and provides tips and tricks for local governments looking to create their own successful podcast. Don’t miss out on this must-have communication tool for state and local governments!

The Mayor Married Who?

Tim Casey, a veteran City Manager and author of the book “The Mayor Married Who?, A look at the lighter side of a 40 year career in City Management.” Tim shares his experiences and insights on local government, offers strategic advice for those aspiring to become City Managers.

Informing Policy Decisions Through Opinion Research

Opinion research is a powerful tool often overlooked outside of elections. Learn how opinion research can help form policy decisions in this short podcast featuring Adam Probolsky, an opinion researcher who has worked with local governments across the nation.

How To Manage A City

Managing a city is filled with complexities regardless of its size…unless you get tips from an expert. This episode features Ronald Olson who shares some of his key takeaways that have helped him successfully be a City Manager for 35 years in over 7 cities of varying sizes, including Corpus Christi, Texas.

National Economic Outlook for 2022

On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Leo Feler, an Economist with the UCLA Anderson Forecast for an economic outlook for 2022.

Lessons in Public Administration from the Legendary Merrett Stierheim

On this episode, we are joined by legendary public administrator Merrett Stierheim.