Smart Government Is Simple Government for County Clerks/Recorders

Saish Gadamsetty has been building systems for county clerks and recorders for nearly two decades. Here he discusses the changing nature of these professional roles, how today’s technology supports the shift, and how this leads to improved citizen engagement.

How Governments Can Address the Document Deluge

Ann Kirkbride is Avenu’s senior product manager for the Digital Processing Group. For much of her career she has served state and local government by introducing  records management technologies such as OCR data extraction and intelligent automation for auto-indexing/redaction. Here she discusses the state of records management for governments and solutions to keep serving citizens in the decades ahead. 

Compliance Auditing – Short Video Shows How Cities Can Raise More Revenue

Compliance auditing can have many meanings, but for Avenu and its clients it means higher revenue from franchise fees and various taxes that are not paid in full or at all.  See the short video on how this works!

The Future of Technology in Local Government

Local government staff and citizens are demanding the same types of interactive experiences from their governments that they get from the private sector. According to Avenu’s IT Managed Services leader Roger Murphy, this is propelling jurisdictions to embrace the “everything as a service” model.

How One California City Captured More Short-Term Rental Revenue

Richmond, California shows how consumers, proprietors and the government benefit from short-term rentals.
Reprinted from Fox and Hounds.

Are You Being Audited? These Tips Can Turn the Experience into a Strength

[The following article is shared via the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association.]

Municipalities Can’t Tax Internet Providers, Except When They Can

Local governments are hurting from lost telecom franchise fees as the industry relies more and more on broadband – but cities can tax internet providers to restore lost funds if they know how to do it.

Shadow Revenue: Where Is It and How to Find It

Revenue is an increasingly important topic for cities and counties, especially since 61 municipalities have declared bankruptcy since 2010. And in 2017, the General Fund growth for cities slowed to 0.9% with expenditures up 2%. New funding is imperative to supply the expected level of municipal programs and services.

What’s Next for Online Sales Tax? CSMFO Hears from Avenu

Avenu’s Tracy Vesely informs CSMFO readers about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Wayfair vs South Dakota, covering what it means for jurisdictions.

The U.S. Supreme Court and Online Sales Tax: What the Wayfair Decision Means as of Today

On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that internet retailers can be required to collect online sales tax, even in states where they have no physical presence. The landmark decision, South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc., reverses a 1992 ruling and could result in a greater revenue source for state and local governments. As explained in this free Avenu webinar held right after the ruling, there are still uncertainties surrounding the potential effects, but change is likely on the way.