The CDTFA’s Wayfair Implementation Stakeholder Meeting

Avenu was asked to participate in the CDTFA’s first stakeholder meeting regarding Wayfair’s implementation.

End-of-Session Legislative Guide

Governor Brown acts on legislation.  This report identifies those bills impacting local government revenues and processes while identifying where implementation may be needed.

Cannabis 101 – Unlicensed Cannabis Operators

For Avenu each project engagement starts with knowing that each local jurisdiction must determine what is best for its community. In this policy update we address the issue of dealing with unlicensed cannabis businesses.

End of Session Legislative Report

This comprehensive resource identifies measures considered during the 2018 session.  The report covers bills related to sales and use taxes,  property taxes,  local business licenses,   hotel taxes,  cannabis taxes, utility user taxes, economic development, and general local governance.   Many bills reaching the Governor’s desk will require local implementation.

League of California Cities – City Managers Working Group

Avenu (MuniServices) is represented on the League’s City Managers Sales Tax Working Group on the issue of sourcing sales tax revenues.    Our latest research and analysis details the broader issues to consider when addressing tax reform and sourcing sales tax revenues, especially those from warehouse sales.

Back to Session Edition

Covers pressing issues of interest to local governments, including what’s next for implementing Wayfair,  Federal measures,  Tax Reform 2.0,  and proposed legislation.

Avenu’s Legislative Summer Recess Edition

This covers relevant issues including an update on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding online sales tax and California’s proposed TFTAA that was withdrawn.   Many of the legislative issues are viable and continue to impact local governments.

Local Balloting and Legal Requirements in California

August 10 is the deadline for a local agency to adopt an ordinance for a local ballot measure to appear on the November 2018 ballot.  The TFTAA was withdrawn. This report includes the current legal requirements for adopting an ordinance.

Legislative Roundup and Historic Supreme Court Ruling Allows Taxing of Online Sales

Several measures stand to impact local processes and revenue. This report reflects selected measures. Collecting sales tax on online purchases has been a controversial subject for decades, and the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. reflects that things are not completely settled.

Supreme Court Rules; Time to Implement South Dakota vs. Wayfair

In South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. states now have the broad authority to require online retailers to collect sales taxes. States now can require out-of-state retailers to collect their state’s sales taxes, at least in some circumstances, even if they do not have a store, warehouse, or physical presence in that state. Collecting sales tax on online purchases has been a controversial subject for decades, and the Supreme Court decision reflects that things are not completely settled. Avenu is ready to help cities implement this new law.