A Glimpse into the Future of Jury Management

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of modern governance, understanding how technology plays a pivotal role in traditional systems becomes paramount. One such domain that has seen remarkable transformation due to technological advancements is jury management. Recognizing this, we recently organized a webinar to explore this transformation in depth.

Are Utility Franchise Fees Making 10% of Your Revenue?

Utility Franchise Fees can represent up to 10% of a local government’s annual revenue, so it is essential to understand what is truly going on within these payments. A Utility Franchise Fee is essentially rent being paid by a utility to a city or county for the use of their rights-of-way. The typical utilities that pay franchise fees are electric, natural gas, telephone, video/cable, waste hauler, and water utilities.

Industry Leading Jury Management System: Better Connecting Courts & Their Citizens

Jury management is a vital component of the legal system, but outdated court systems often create inefficiencies resulting in lower juror turnouts and delayed processes. Fortunately, local governments are beginning to adopt new technologies to modernize their jury processes. In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards digital transformation in the court system, with innovative solutions emerging to simplify the management of jurors, improve communication, and streamline the entire process. Avenu | Jury is one such innovative solution that is paving the way for the digitization of the court system.

Oxnard California Awards Avenu Insights & Analytics With a Sales & Use Tax Auditing Contract

Avenu Insights & Analytics Secures a Major Win as Oxnard Chooses Them to Handle Critical SUTA Contract, Following Successful Collaboration

Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu), the leading provider of software administration and revenue recovery solutions for state and local governments, has achieved a significant milestone with the award of a Sales & Use Tax Auditing (SUTA) contract by the City of Oxnard, California. This contract, a competitive takeaway, represents a significant win for Avenu as the company’s market share in California continues to aggressively grow.

Case Study: Revolutionizing Municipal Revenue Collection

The City of Nashua is a vibrant municipality with a population of over 91,000. As the city grew, its financial management systems became outdated and inadequate to meet the demands of governmental transparency and citizen involvement. The city’s reliance on paper-based processes, decentralized platforms, and outdated software resulted in delays, inaccuracies, and security vulnerabilities.

Unleashing the Power of Full Compliance: Maximizing Tax Collection in Local Government

Discover the Transformative Approach that is Revolutionizing Tax Administration for Municipalities of All Sizes.

Case Study: Reimagining Short-Term Rental Governance

The growth of short-term rentals (STRs) in Denver, Colorado was causing a number of community concerns, including noise complaints, public safety issues, overburdened trash services, increased traffic, and damage to neighboring properties. The City was struggling to monitor ordinance compliance and address these issues.

Economic Uncertainty & the Impact on State & Local Governments

As we embark on the second half of the year, one thing remains certain – economic uncertainty. Are you eager to understand where the economy is heading and how it will impact your government’s funds?  

Case Study: Streamlining Payment Processes

Avenu’s Virtual Terminal unified payment collection, managing credit card, cash, and check transactions within a single portal. This streamlined workflow resulted in increased revenue, citizen engagement, and operational efficiency. By offering various payment options, including online and over-the-counter, the town met constituents’ demands for flexible payment choices.

How AI Will Transform State & Local Government

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in state and local government operations and services. Our guest, Vidhu Shekhar, a seasoned executive in technology and strategy with a focus on public sector digital transformation, shares insights from his book, “Generative Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in State & Local Governments.”