Can Zoom Replace In-Person Meetings? Why We Might Still Need the Personal Touch

By Louis Schiavone Jr., Avenu President & Chief Customer Officer

A Silver Lining to the Pandemic

By Louis Schiavone Jr., Avenu President & Chief Customer Officer

Digital Government In 2021: Lessons From The Past Year And Top Trends For The Future

By Paul Colangelo, Avenu CEO

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: How Digital Court Technology Will Power the New Normal

By Keith Ellery, Avenu Justice Solutions Leader

Changing Tax Landscape Requires Prioritizing New Compliance Efforts

By Kennon Walthall, Avenu Senior Vice President

Building A Crisis-Resistant Digital Government

We learned many things in 2020, but one of the most important lessons is the value of building crisis-resistant government by adopting a digital strategy. As we slowly start returning to a “new normal,” it appears that remote work, virtual conferencing, and a more digital-first economy are all here to stay. Avenu’s Ann Kirkbride explains in her recent op-ed, the importance of having a digital strategy and steps you can take today.

The Pandemic Put Pressure On The Government Workforce: How Automation May Provide Relief

COVID-19 has upset business as usual for the American economy, and businesses have hemorrhaged jobs over the last year to compensate for COVID-19’s impact. But governments are among those that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. State and local governments lost close to 1,000,000 jobs in 2020. Governments need a way to reverse this trend and emerge stronger in 2021.

Local Governments Today Have an Opportunity to Build Trust: Smarter Digital Transformation is Key

Governments are rapidly upgrading their digital offerings to meet heightened demand for quality government services during the coronavirus pandemic. This shift to digital presents many opportunities, but it also comes with unique challenges. In particular, governments must build and maintain citizens’ trust in digital government.

How governments can craft a contingency plan for natural disasters.

In a natural disaster, state and local governments are more important than ever for their constituents. But to prepare for the kind of crisis a natural disaster can bring, governments need a contingency plan.

Is Money Tight Right Now? Here’s Why Checking For Unclaimed Property Could Bring a Surprise

Millions of Americans are struggling with their personal finances this year. The coronavirus pandemic has hurt small business, limited work opportunities and stretched personal savings to the limit.