Three Tips for Holding Successful Customer Meetings

By: Avenu President & Chief Customer Officer, Louis Schiavone Jr.

How Technology Can Help With Government Revenue Enhancement

By: Avenu CEO, Paul Colangelo

The Use of Reserves during COVID-19

By: Fran David, Avenu Advisory Board Member

How Automation Can Benefit Local Governments

Across the country, cities are struggling to do more with less. The coronavirus crisis demands more of cities than ever before at a time when cities are experiencing unprecedented interruptions to their revenue streams. To engage their citizens effectively during this pandemic, cities need to simultaneously generate new revenue and streamline their services.

Q&A with the CEO of Avenu: Managing a Crisis and Preparing for Disruption

Through his work at Avenu, CEO Paul Colangelo has seen his fair share of major crises and provided invaluable guidance to cities and organizations looking to stay strong during a disruptive event.

New Revenue Management Strategies are Crucial to Overcoming Budget Shortfalls

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted tax revenue streams for many cities. That’s because tax revenue depends upon a flourishing and active local economy. But social distancing and lockdown regulations have dampened local economies, and many cities must now contend with anticipated budget shortfalls for their 2020-2021 budgets. These shortfalls threaten the ability of cities to provide valuable services and maintain engagement with their constituents.

Q&A with the President of Avenu: Communicating During a Crisis

In his long career, Avenu president Louis Schiavone Jr. has weathered many crises, including several global ones, and helped thousands of customers weather their own.

Digital Initiatives Can Help Local Governments Deliver High-Quality Services

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the American workplace in both the public and private sectors. Now more than ever before, companies that invest in digital technology can enjoy a significant competitive advantage over their non-digital competitors. That’s because digital technology is key to ensuring business continuity and efficiency in an era of remote work, telecommuting, and social distancing.

Industry Insight: 8 ways local governments can enhance security while working remotely

In a May article published on GCN, director of information technology Roger Murphy explains how local government agencies can identify and address security vulnerabilities that could lead to attacks in a remote work environment.

Avenu Offers Free Revenue Enhancement Assessment to Local Governments

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are confronting budget shortfalls as revenue drops and leaders work to support their community during the crisis. Many jurisdictions are trying to finalize budgets for the upcoming fiscal year while assessing how the economic downturn is impacting current forecast. The volatility of the unexpected economic situation makes this a daunting task.