On-Premise vs. Cloud Computing: A Guide for Government Agencies

Comparing the pros and cons associated with on-premise and cloud deployments.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Unveils Groundbreaking Short-Term Rental Compliance Solution: Avenu | STR

Transforming Municipal Governance with Innovative STR Compliance Technology

Celebrating Success: Avenu Insights & Analytics Recognized for Outstanding Corporate Growth Achievement

Avenu Insights & Analytics is honored to be recognitions as a finalist for the prestigious Corporate Growth Award for Deal of the Year. This accolade highlights the significant impact of Arlington Capital Partners’ acquisition of Avenu Insights & Analytics, underscoring the transformative potential of this strategic partnership.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Enhances Strategic Focus on Payment Solutions with New Board Member O.B. Rawls IV

Strategic Appointment to Accelerate Growth in Government Payment Processing Solutions

Avenu Insights & Analytics, a leader in software and technology solutions for public sector agencies, is pleased to announce the appointment of O.B. Rawls IV to its Board of Directors. This strategic addition enables the company to continue executing its strategy of providing advanced payment processing solutions while strengthening its leadership in the fintech and public sector landscapes.

Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community

In the latest episode of “Local Government Insights: Modernizing Government Leadership,” we are joined by Brennan Middleton and George Gretsas, the authors of “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community.” They share their extensive analysis of hundreds of ordinances and regulatory experience, offering deep insights into the world of short-term rentals (STRs).

“Host Nation” Book Launch at Barnes & Noble: A Guide to Mastering STR Regulations

Barnes & Noble in Fort Lauderdale hosted a book launch event with George Gretsas and Brennan Middleton, the authors of “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community.” This event wasn’t just a celebration of their new book; it was a gathering for community leaders and policymakers to delve into the strategies that can transform their approach to short-term rental (STR) regulations.

55th Annual Professional Municipal Clerks Week

Celebrating the Backbone of Our Communities: Professional Municipal Clerks Week
As we step into the 55th Annual Professional Municipal Clerks Week, it’s a perfect time to appreciate the vital role that municipal clerks play in our communities. This week, celebrated this year from May 5th to May 11th, is dedicated to recognizing the indispensable contributions of municipal clerks and the profound impact they have on local governance and community well-being.

Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals For A Happier Community

As the short-term rental (STR) market continues to reshape the dynamics of travel and real estate, local governments and stakeholders face the challenge of adapting to its rapid evolution. Avenu Insights & Analytics is at the forefront of providing solutions and insights into this changing landscape. We are excited to announce the launch of our new book, “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for A Happier Community.”

Navigating Economic Trends & the Impact on State & Local Governments

Interested in how government leaders stay ahead of evolving trends? The unique challenges faced by these leaders in managing the economic landscape were the focus of our recent webinar, Navigating Economic Trends & the Impact on State & Local Governments. In partnership with UCLA Anderson Forecast, we explored a range of topics that directly impact state and local governments. As economic dynamics shift, maintaining a proactive stance becomes crucial for government leaders.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Partners with TrueRoll to Revolutionize Municipal Revenue Enhancement

Avenu Insights & Analytics has partnered with TrueRoll, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the property tax space, to address the challenges of short-term rentals (STRs) and homestead exemption issues. By combining Avenu’s Short-Term Rental (STR) solution with TrueRoll’s Homestead Exemption services, the partnership aims to help municipalities save time, increase efficiency, and recover lost tax revenue.