Build Your Brand

The social media frontier is real, and people seem to fall into one of two camps of being avid users versus rarely or never using social media at all. But did you know that using LinkedIn provides a double benefit? It’s a great way of building your personal brand to positively impact your career and also a fabulous way of promoting Avenu. According to Nielson, 90% of consumers trust product or service recommendations from people they know, and Social Chorus shared that the average employee has 10x more social connections than a company brand does.

So, what does this mean? If everyone started posting 1 piece of Avenu news every week or two, it could exponentially grow our brand to a wider network. But if you’re not already an avid LinkedIn user, it could be intimidating on how to start.

Today we’re going to tackle one of the most important first steps…optimizing your LinkedIn profile to build your personal brand. LinkedIn’s 10 Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out advises that you:

  • Add a headshot
  • Create an eye-catching headline (this is right below your name)
  • Craft an interesting summary
  • Highlight your experience
  • Use visual media
  • Customize your URL
  • Make connections
  • Ask for recommendations and skill endorsements
  • Keep your profile active
  • Check your LinkedIn profile strength

Both the article above and LinkedIn Cheat Sheet provides great details and tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Once your profile is updated, reach out and connect to family, friends and colleagues.

We’ll circle back with more tips in the future. First, we want to give everyone a chance to work on their own personal brand! It makes a difference.