Introducing Avenu’s New Brand Identity Program

Avenu has worked hard to create and maintain our brand. If you look at our website, intranet, business cards or solution sheets, you can quickly recognize that “it looks like our stuff”…the “Avenu” brand. To maintain the consistency of our brand and enjoy a significant cost-savings, the marketing department has been working on a Brand Identity Program.

Details of the program are below, or you can also go to CentralAve / Marketing & Communications / Brand Identity Program and find more information about the program, a pricing list, and “how-to” instructions.

Here are some quick FAQs.


What is a Brand Identity Program?
Everyone uses regular office supplies such as notebooks, folders, envelopes, etc., but there are times when we all need to use these types of items that are branded with Avenu’s logo. As with all logos, we use very specific colors and fonts so that our brand is consistent. The Brand Identity Program provides employees access to order business cards or items that have our approved logo in bulk (50 or more) and provides Avenu with a significant cost savings.

What items are available through the Brand Identity Program?

The following list is our Phase 1 rollout and we plan to add items as they are requested from the field:

  • Business Cards
  • Mousepads
  • Presentation Folders
  • Notecards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes for Notecards
  • Security Envelopes with window (#10)
  • Solutions Sheets (Printed or Laminated. Prints will be on high gloss paper and shrink wrapped in packs of 50 for each individual solution sheet).

Will more items be added to the list?
Yes! This is just our starting point to get things going. If there is something that you would like to order business cards or items in bulk (50 or more), then please email your suggestion to Corinne.Aycock@avenuinsights.com.

What vendor are we working with for the program?
Avenu partnered with Office Depot who is our main supplier for office supplies and have the resources to manage and mass produce a wide variety of items that can be shipped nationwide.

Who will be using the Brand Identity Program?

Phase 1 of the Brand Identity Program is open to all Business Unit Leaders, Site Ambassadors, Client Sales Executives and Client Success Managers. Anyone in addition to this list who needs an account can have their manager reach out to either Corinne.Aycock@avenuinsights.com or Lauren.Sullivan@avenuinsights.com to have an account created.

This program will ship to anyone in the U.S. For those employees in Canada, we will arrange shipping to an Avenu office and then forward the shipment to you. Employees in India use a different vendor.

How do I use the Brand Identity Program?
Here’s a quick “How To” Guide to use as an easy reference.

Is there a break for higher quantities?
Yes. Please see the Pricing Guide for details.

Is shipping included?
Prices in the guide include shipping in the U.S. for all orders under 60lbs.