Avenu’s Next Chapter


There have understandably been many questions regarding our recent transition to a partnership with Arlington Capital Partners. To provide clarity and address some of the most frequent inquiries, we’ve compiled this informative FAQ. This FAQ aims to answer your questions and set the stage for what promises to be an exciting new chapter for Avenu.

Who is the new investor for Avenu?

We’ve entered a groundbreaking partnership with Arlington Capital Partners a large private equity fund based out of Bethesda, Maryland. They specialize in investing in government technology companies like Avenu and are known for their deep-seated understanding of industries serving state and local governments.

What Does This Partnership Mean for Avenu’s Growth?

This partnership is a game-changer for Avenu—it’s all about accelerating growth and sparking innovation! With the financial backing and industry insights from Arlington Capital Partners, we’re on a trajectory for robust expansion. Arlington Capital will take an active, devoted role, solidly investing in Avenu’s growth journey. Anticipate heightened emphasis on research & development, new and improved product & services, expedited delivery times, and an enhanced customer satisfaction level. Furthermore, the alliance is poised to empower our service expansion, deepen technological integrations, and explore new markets, kicking off an exciting adventure for everyone involved.

What are the goals with this new partnership?

By partnering with Arlington Capital Partners, Avenu embarking on more than mere business growth— we are committed to transforming government operations and technology. This collaboration harnesses the synergy between Avenu’s innovative solutions and Arlington’s financial and industry expertise, strengthening our presence in both existing and new markets. Together, our goal is to significantly enhance government administrative capabilities and citizen services, ensuring they adapt effectively to changing needs through innovative, efficient, and impactful solutions.

Does this acquisition affect my job?

This partnership is all about growth and business as usual. And certainly, with growth, we anticipate more opportunities. Things are only going to get more exciting!

What Does This Mean for Our Previous Investor, Mill Point Capital?

Mill Point Capital has been an incredible partner in our journey, but now they’re passing the baton to Arlington Capital Partners. While they’ll be exiting as an investment partner, rest assured they’ll still be friends of Avenu and continue to cheer us on to success. Their impact has been monumental, and as we step into this new chapter, their legacy of support and guidance will always be a part of Avenu’s story.

Will the management and leadership team remain the same?

Yes, the current leadership team, including our CEO Paul Colangelo, will continue to steer Avenu into this exciting new chapter. The stability in leadership ensures that we maintain our corporate values while ushering in new opportunities.

What’s on the horizon for 2023 and 2024?

Get ready for a dynamic surge of expansion and progress in the next two years! With our partnership with Arlington Capital Partners, we’re setting the stage for remarkable growth across various aspects of our business. You can look forward to new products, customer growth, accelerated delivery cycles, and impactful innovations that will drive Avenu to new heights.

Will there be any changes to our benefits package?

Our benefits package will remain unchanged. However, as always, we go through an annual benefit renewal period and are always exploring ways to further enhance it.

How will this transition affect our customers?

We have reached out to our customers to let them know that it’s business as usual at Avenu. The partnership aims to heighten customer satisfaction by leveraging Arlington Capital’s expertise, particularly in government services and technology.

Why did Arlington Capital select Avenu?

Arlington Capital Partners sees immense potential in Avenu’s services and solutions, especially in the realm of revenue recovery and software administration for state and local governments. Their investment aim transcends merely scaling our business size, aspiring instead to amplify our capability to persistently deliver market-leading solutions to our customers and enhance the communities we serve.

How can I get more information if I have further questions?

Open communication is highly encouraged. Feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, or questions with your direct managers or HR.