Avenu’s Germantown Library Staff Jump into An Ocean of Possibilities

Did you know that if a child reads just six books during the summer, it can have a dramatic effect on preventing the summer slide? Public libraries are the cornerstone of a community as well as the gateway to meeting the personal, educational, cultural and professional information needs of patrons. Avenu’s Library Services program works closely with local communities to understand their priorities & local interests, preserve their history, and create events tat bring friends and neighbors together.

Avenu’s staff at Tennessee’s Germantown Community Library pays close attention to the needs of their community and continually creates customized programs and services such as the Summer Reading Program – An Ocean of Possibilities and Local Author Collection.

The summer reading program – Ocean of Possibilities will run from June 1  – July 31 and offer fun prizes and incentives for reading. The library will also host many many other programs and activities throughout the summer.

The Showcasing Local Authors program was implemented through an on-site selection process to ensure materials are more customized and responsive to community needs. Books created by local authors offer a unique perspective into local issues and interests and having them in the library provides authors a place to share their stories with the community.

The Library was recently featured both in the local newspaper and TV news station.

Kudos to our Germantown Library Staff for making a positive difference in the community!