Avenu’s Everyday Heroes Going Over and Beyond to Make a Difference

Avenu has everyday heroes amongst us who are willing to go the extra mile. One example occurred when two separate shipments of a Request for Proposal (RFP) response for the City of Harlingen, TX got delayed due to adverse weather conditions. The response due date was quickly approaching, but the situation looked bleak.

We had team members who worked tirelessly to make sure the RFP response was ready on time. Alex Lake had her team in Houston print the RFP response and gave it to Tommy Harris who went to the airport to jump on a plane and hand deliver it. The flight was full so Tommy waited on standby for the next flight to Harlingen which would only give him a few minutes of wiggle room to make the 2:00 pm deadline. Nonetheless, the team was willing to take the chance as time was of the essence.

Luckily, Greg Koontz – Customer Success Manager found a printer that was local to the City of Harlingen who printed our response. Alex had a courier deliver it on time to the City’s procurement office, and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. It was an incredible display of Avenu spirit and commitment.

Avenu is not just a group of employees; we have everyday heroes who are always willing to go above and beyond to help their clients. We have a team that will find a way where there seems to be no way, and it’s no surprise that our clients have complete confidence in us. Great job to Tommy Harris, Greg Koontz, Daniel Wurz, Alexandra Lake, and the Houston team for being an everyday hero!