Avenu’s Community of Practice Program: Driving Professional Development, Collaboration, and Success

The Community of Practice (CoP) program at Avenu has been a huge success since its roll-out. The CoP now has 213 members across eight different communities, with 45 of these members being very active (21% of the total program). The focus on professional development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration has driven active participation, with the Product Management and Testing communities seeing the highest engagement.

The CoP program has helped break down silos, establish best practices, and promote collaboration among employees. The communities are looking at existing methods within each business unit to assess common themes, and external vendors have also contributed to knowledge sharing. For instance, Snyk.io recently provided product training to the Software Development and Quality Assurance communities, helping the organization to stay secure while developing fast.

The monthly community meetings have become an essential platform for employees to share their knowledge and gain new insights into their areas of interest. With the meetings recorded and available through Office 365 search, even those unable to attend can stay updated on the latest developments.

The organization’s 2023 goal is to increase participation to 50% as well as increase total membership, and with the continued success of the CoP program, this target is well within reach. If you are interested in joining a community, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Microsoft Teams
  • Click “Join or Create a Team” in the Teams section
  • Search for the community you are interested in (all names begin with “Community”)
  • Click “Join Team”

So, whether you are looking to share your knowledge or gain new insights, the CoP program at Avenu is an excellent opportunity for employees to grow personally and professionally. Don’t miss out!