Avenu’s Clearview 2020 Plus Records Management System Is Scheduled for Release

Avenu is excited to announce the upcoming release of our Clearview 2020 Plus – a Records Management System offering Document Imaging and Workflow Solutions! This Records Management System is designed to manage records for:

  • Real Property
  • Land
  • Maps & Plats
  • Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriages, Military Discharges)
  • Assumed Names
  • Criminal, Civil, Judgment and Probate Courts
  • Pistol Permitting
  • Cattle Brands
  • Dog Licensing
  • Veteran ID Cards
  • Court Minutes with Multimedia Content (PDF, WAV, XLS, DOC, DOCX)
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet
  • Many other types of Records are accommodated

Clearview 2020 Plus is a fast and versatile system, offering Clerk Recorder and Registry of Deeds offices with:

  • Flexible Workflow Processes for greater efficiencies and office productivity allows you to dictate workflow for your office.
  • New Barcode Scanning and the enormous time-savings that it produces for their offices. No longer will you have to stamp each page of a document. With Clearview 2020 Plus, you can place your document on a scanner and within minutes have a digital version that has pertinent filing information embedded on each page.
  • One-Click Image Manipulation allowing you to rotate, zoom in, zoom out, pan, flip and save, print, (in addition to other manipulation option) for images with one click, creating an enormous time savings in having to manipulate the image to accurately view it.
  • Intuitive Interface using Microsoft Window 10 controls with an Office 365 look and feel.
  • Automated Indexing and Redaction Features takes you from a manual to automated process for your indexing and redaction needs.
  • Powerful new searching Features including full image text search.
  • An Electronic File Module to streamline and capture records.
  • Easy Integration for jurisdictions of all sizes

Currently, Clearview 2020 Plus is being beta-tested in Nassau, New York and Centerville, Texas. Further customer beta-testing will continue in high volume offices to validate the new functionality and ease of use. The first modules of the Clearview 2020 Plus release will be:

  • Administration
  • Searching
  • Indexing
  • Scanning

Subsequent module releases will include cashiering.

Interested in beta-testing a Clearview 2020 Plus in your office? Contact succeed@avenuinsights.com.