Avenu Podcast Series is Released…What You Need to Know

Our company is filled with dedicated staff, and no matter what you do for Avenu, one thing is certain…everyone works tremendously hard to serve our clients and wants to see our company excel. Our marketing department is no different and understands the importance of keeping Avenu top of mind for government officials. Brennan Middleton, Director of Marketing, has a keen strategic mind and started this podcast initiative in 2020. Learn more about the initiative and how YOU can help support the initiative…which means supporting Avenu.

Avenu’s marketing department frequently creates campaigns, webinars, advertisements, etc. Why the move to podcasts?
When government officials and staff think of solving issues, we want them to think of Avenu. Podcasts is really in addition to what we already produce and an effective way to reach a larger audience at a faster pace.

What is the theme of the podcasts?
The series is “Local Government Insights” and targets areas of interest for state and local governments. It will cover a wide range of topics such as optimizing operations, improving services for constituents, and maximizing revenue without raising taxes.

Who are your guests and what are some of the first episodes you have lined up?
We are interviewing subject matter experts from within Avenu and through formal partnerships and alliances we have formed. Some of the first episodes include:

  • Local Government Insights: An Intro to Avenu’s New Podcast
  • How Automation Helps Local Governments Thrive in a Post-Covid World
  • Why You Need a Security Strategy for Long-Term Remote Operations

I understand that ratings are important, especially the first week. Can you explain why?
Of Course! The more subscribers and ratings you get, the better chance Avenu has to get organic exposure within Apple Podcasts and rank in different categories. In addition to exposure, having several ratings also gives our show credibility, helps us secure our ideal guests and keep Avenu at the forefront as a thought leader in the government sector.

What’s the best way to increase ratings?
The best way we’ve found to get these quickly is to have your friends, your employees, and your best customers subscribe to the show and leave a rating. Fellow colleagues in particular are a great built-in source of subscribers and ratings, especially before you start heavily promoting the show.

Is there an “easy button” if people reach out to clients, family, and friends?
Yes! Here’s a template that you can copy & paste this into a text, email or Slack to fellow employees, friends, and clients.

Hey <name>…We just launched a brand new podcast called “Local Government Insights”. One of the best ways to get organic reach through Apple Podcasts is to get as many ratings and subscribers as possible in the first few days. Would you mind subscribing to the show and leaving a rating real quick?

Using your phone:

  • Click Local Government Insights or go to the Apple Podcasts player and or search “Local Government Insights”
  • Tap the “Subscribe” button
  • Scroll down and tap the number of stars that you think the show deserves

This will really help us a ton with getting early traction for the podcast!

Can people tune in through channels other than Apple?
Yes! The podcasts are also available on: