Avenu Partners with UCLA Anderson Forecast

Avenu is proud to announce a partnership with the UCLA Anderson Forecast (Forecast).

The Forecast has been producing economic outlooks for over 65 years, one of the longest running major economic forecasts in the country and is recognized as one of the most accurate, objective, widely followed and frequently cited economic forecasts in the world. Each quarter, the UCLA Anderson Forecast hosts sessions to present their economic findings and outlook which includes valuable insight and explanation behind the numbers and trends.

Avenu’s partnership with UCLA Anderson will include an invitation for clients to attend private quarterly seminars regarding economic trends and outlook for their local economies. These sessions will be led by Dr. Jerry Nickelsburg, Director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast, and will be interactive in nature allowing for Q&A sessions.  For over 40 years, Avenu has been providing California local governments with economic news and trends, as well as tax revenue forecasts.  As a strategic partner, Avenu provides additional data points to help shed light on the impacts of policy and economic changes to local governments and their revenue streams.

“The UCLA Anderson Forecast is pleased to have this collaboration with Avenu,” said Dr. Nickelsburg. “Being able to connect with Avenu and their clients, share our research, as well as to develop new research and data is a valuable addition to the Forecast’s activities.”

The first private seminar that Avenu is hosting is tailored for a California audience and will be held on November 17th to discuss how their local economies will be affected by the election results.