Avenu Acquires Interware Development – The Industry Leading Citizen Payment Provider

We are excited to announce that Avenu recently acquired Interware Development Company Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based payment solutions for local governments. This acquisition provides a new, centralized payment platform for our existing clients. Interware’s software provides a complete set of tools for credit card processing, for both web and retail applications, that can be utilized independently or integrated with existing vendor software applications. With Interware’s powerful software tools now in our arsenal, we’re confident we can help you optimize your payment processes and better serve your citizens.

Together, Avenu and Interware will offer a premier software and services offering that improves the citizen experience and enhances government capabilities. Our combined platform allows local governments to collect permitting & license, utilities, and any tax fees, and the integration of Interware’s dynamic payment solutions with Avenu’s mature sales & marketing framework will enable the consolidation of current third-party payment processing providers.

This will result in a streamlined level of service that transforms the way local governments:

  • Consolidate current third-party payment processing providers
  • Address rapid growth and changes in workflow processes
  • Modernize the citizen experience
  • Optimize efficiencies
  • Improve staff productivity

Be sure to check-out the two additional articles in this newsletter that take a deep dive into EB2Gov and Virtual Terminal.

  • EB2Gov is an online payment portal for an array of online services including, motor vehicle registrations, dog licensing, property taxes, utility billing, permits, and custom miscellaneous payments.
  • Virtual Terminal a secure web-based point-of-sale revenue collection portal that facilitates in-person and by-phone transactions. Virtual Terminal accepts various payment types including cash, check, EMV chip & PIN, standard swipe, manual credit card entry, and contactless payments.

This is exciting time for Avenu, and we are grateful for the continued opportunity to serve you and your community.