AVENEWS Designed & Produced to Keep YOU Informed

AVENEWS is our employee newsletter that is produced and emailed to all employees every two weeks. Newsletters can only be as successful as the information we receive. WE NEED YOUR INPUT for articles and have made it EASY for you to submit ideas and information. Now before you say, “I’m not a writer,” you do not have to be. Our team will cheerfully except bullets, a phone conversation, or a picture of bulleted notes.

What makes for an interesting article?

  • New Business / New Clients / Big Renewals (please do not assume that we have the info)
  • Client testimonials
  • Client Success Stories (ask the client if we can interview them and we will do the rest)
  • Employee Spotlights (point us in the right direction and we will interview)
  • Examples of how an employee / business unit is serving our community
  • Happenings in your Business Unit
  • Employees going over and beyond the call of duty
  • Anything that would pique YOUR interest in a company newsletter

Please send your ideas to AVENEWS@avenuinsights.com.