Tax & License Administration

Streamline tasks with scalable human resources support.

Drive efficiency by simplifying your team’s administrative processes. Avenu’s Tax & License Administration service handles the day-to-day operations, reducing costs while maximizing revenue.

Choose only the functions you need from services including data entry, billing, funds distribution, compliance, taxpayer support service, and application and claims processing. Our trusted team streamlines each process, allowing you to focus on moving your community forward.

Avenu supports a complete range of administrative solutions:

• Sales/use taxes
• Insurance premium taxes
• Alcohol taxes
• Gasoline taxes
• Hotel, motel, and lodging taxes
• Rental and lease taxes

• Tobacco taxes
• Severance taxes
• Business license fees
• Franchise fees
• Taxes on new and emerging industries
• Other areas unique to your jurisdiction

Technology for Local Government

Avenu’s software tools give government leaders the clarity and capability to streamline their tax, budgeting, and licensing processes.

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Visualize your city’s goals with graphical reports, including statewide trends and customized analyses.



Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Registrations and returns are made simple to submit, download, and review.