Justice Solutions

The Automated Approach to Court Case & Jury Management.

Accelerate processes across your justice system with Clearview Court and Clearview Jury. Our end-to-end court case and jury management solutions provide powerful functions and advanced workflows to meet the needs of today’s court systems.

Automate your reporting. Enable self-service juror check-ins. Avenu’s Justice Solutions reduce costs and uphold national standards at every stage — creating a smoother, smarter experience for judges, court staff, and your constituents.

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Clearview Court

Our ADA-compliant approach streamlines every stage of civil, criminal, juvenile, traffic, and family court processes with smart scheduling functions and an intuitive public access portal.

Clearview Jury

Automate the jury process at every stage, from summons creation to juror empanelment. Our eJuror software allows prospective jurors to respond to jury questionnaires or summons online.

Technology for Local Government

Avenu’s software tools give government leaders the clarity and capability to streamline their tax, budgeting, and licensing processes.

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Visualize your city’s goals with graphical reports, including statewide trends and customized analyses.



Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Registrations and returns are made simple to submit, download, and review.