6 Essential Questions for Choosing the Best Public Records Management Software

The Transformative Power of Document Imaging and Indexing in Government Technology

Clerks and records managers are receiving more—and more complex—records requests. It is essential to have software in place to meet constituents’ expectations and to ease the burden on responders. Public records request management software offers a streamlined approach to handling these requests, benefiting both local governments and their communities.

Key Questions for Evaluating Public Records Management Software

Choosing the right software is a critical step in transforming your records management process. Here are six essential questions to guide your decision:

  1. Does the software provide a modern portal for request submissions and accept online payments?
    • Answer: A seamless, fully-digital process reduces costs, prevents workflow issues, and minimizes errors.
  2. Does it automatically detect and redact sensitive information like social security numbers and phone numbers?
    • Answer: Automatic redaction helps prevent information breaches.
  3. Can the software easily track requests, communications, and document production?
    • Answer: This ensures you can provide a clear audit trail and maintain compliance during audits.
  4. I the software specifically designed for FOIA requests?
    • Answer: Software tailored for public records management is more effective and meets the unique needs of government agencies.
  5. Does it offer batch redaction for large volumes of documents or emails?
    • Answer: This is crucial during peak times, such as election season, to oversee increased activity without compromising data protection.
  6. Does it enhance transparency by making information easily accessible?
    • Answer: Streamlined processes improve public trust and community engagement.

Enhancing Public Trust and Community Engagement

Selecting the right public records management software is more than just a compliance measure, it’s an investment in transparency and public trust. Investing in advanced document imaging and indexing software, such as Avenu | Records, empowers local governments to efficiently handle records requests, protect sensitive information, and foster an environment of openness and trust. Avenu | Records addresses these considerations so that municipalities can make informed decisions about their records management software, while ensuring compliance and better service for their communities.