“Host Nation” Book Launch at Barnes & Noble: A Guide to Mastering STR Regulations

Barnes & Noble in Fort Lauderdale hosted a book launch event with George Gretsas and Brennan Middleton, the authors of “Host Nation: How Governments Regulate Short-Term Rentals for a Happier Community.” This event wasn’t just a celebration of their new book; it was a gathering for community leaders and policymakers to delve into the strategies that can transform their approach to short-term rental (STR) regulations.

During the event, Gretsas and Middleton discussed the research and inspiration behind their book. With over thirty years of public administration experience and deep expertise in the GovTech and STR sectors, the authors discussed their extensive work in the regulatory landscape, offering actionable insights into crafting policies that support both economic growth and community well-being.

The presence of elected officials, community members, and avid readers sparked engaging conversations and prompted deeper discussions. These interactions allowed the authors to address community concerns and highlight how “Host Nation” can serve as a crucial tool in navigating the intricacies of local governance and community satisfaction.

Why “Host Nation” is a Must-Have
“Host Nation” is more than a book; it’s a resource that has been embraced by over 150 local leaders and has quickly risen to the top as the #1 Best Seller in Public Affairs & Administration and #10 in Public Policy on major sales platforms. This book offers practical strategies that have already proven successful in aligning the benefits of STRs with the needs of communities just like yours.

“Host Nation” is essential for anyone involved in city planning, community management, or local governance. As STRs continue to impact cities and neighborhoods, having a guide that not only discusses problems but also offers real solutions is invaluable.

Purchase your copy of “Host Nation” here and gain the insights needed to enhance your community’s landscape. This book is not just about understanding the current state of STRs—it’s about shaping the future of your community with well-informed, thoughtful policies that benefit everyone.