Avenu Insights & Analytics Partners with TrueRoll to Revolutionize Municipal Revenue Enhancement

Avenu Insights & Analytics has partnered with TrueRoll, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the property tax space, to address the challenges of short-term rentals (STRs) and homestead exemption issues. By combining Avenu’s Short-Term Rental (STR) solution with TrueRoll’s Homestead Exemption services, the partnership aims to help municipalities save time, increase efficiency, and recover lost tax revenue.

Avenu’s Identification, Monitoring, and Full-Service Administration of Short-Term Rental Revenue coupled with TrueRoll’s Homestead Exemption solutions provide local governments with a powerful tool to tackle the complexities of the evolving short-term rental landscape. TrueRoll’s proactive Homestead Monitoring™ ensures real-time identification and removal of homestead fraud, preventing revenue losses for cities and counties.

Homestead fraud, a significant challenge for municipalities, results in lost revenue that could otherwise fund essential services such as schools, fire departments, police forces, and infrastructure projects. Avenu’s STR solution offers detailed insights into current listings, property activities, and rental statistics, allowing cities and counties to identify and address unqualified homesteads associated with short-term rentals. Together, the services identify and flag STR’s claiming exemption and identify primary residences that turn into rentals.

The Short-Term Rental (STR) industry, valued at $83 billion and growing, poses unique challenges for municipalities. The Avenu and TrueRoll partnership offers a holistic solution to proactively address compliance issues, prevent revenue losses, and ensure the efficient administration of homestead exemptions. Together, these two industry leaders aim to empower cities and counties to navigate the complexities of the modern property tax landscape with confidence and effectiveness.