2024 SKO Awards

Starting 5 Award
This award represents an employee that’s outstanding in all of the following areas: results oriented, customer first, teamwork, is a catalyst, and gives to give. Winners:
• Account Executive – Brandi Sanner
• Customer Success Manager – Kevin McDonough
• Support – Daniel Wurz
• Support – Connie Taylor
• Support – Amanda Trubacz


2023 Renewal Performance – Lisa Churchill










2023 Top Net Dollar Retention Bookings – Kevin McDonough










2023 Top New Annual Contract Value Bookings – Jim Hulley










2023 Top Net New Logos – Yolanda Watkins Bailey










2023 Top New Software or Software Related Sales – Brandi Sanner










2023 Top New Services Sales – Jim Hulley










2023 Top Customer Engagement – Kevin McDonough









2023 Sparkplug Award
The ultimate energy giver. These people provide the Spark that ignites the energy of others for the betterment of Avenu. This award recognizes someone who has been able to constantly take ideas & produce the necessary spark to make a specific activity or event successful. Winner: Brandi Sanner










2023 Delivery Champion – Allen Atamer










2023 Support Champion – David Walsh










2023 Rookie of the Year – Amanda Trubacz









2023 BU Growth Champion – Layne Dunn










2023 Account Executive of the Year – Brandi Sanner
Total New Bookings | New Logo Wins | Travel | Outreach Activity
Social Media (Employee Advocacy) | SAP Program Adoption










2023 Customer Success Manager of the Year – Kevin McDonough
Total New & Upsell Bookings | Renewal Rate | Travel | Outreach Activity | Social Media (Employee Advocacy)










President’s Award – Jospeh Atwell