Your Ultimate Mobile Payment Solution

As technology continues to advance, local governments are embracing digital transformation to streamline processes and enhance constituent services. One critical aspect of this transformation is the ability to process credit card payments quickly and securely. Avenu’s innovative mobile application, EPay2Go, is specifically designed to optimize revenue collection for governments of all sizes. The application provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and track payments, automate invoicing, and ensure accurate monitoring of permits and services.

EPay2Go goes beyond merely processing payments—it equips local governments with a range of innovative tools to enhance their service delivery. The scanning functionality instantly verifies the validity of permits and identifies any expiration dates, as well as providing an overview of pre-paid items. Whether it’s a rabies clinic, transfer station, or a community event, EPay2Go provides an instant and hassle-free payment process to constituents attending various events or utilizing specific services.

The application’s simplicity and user-friendly interface allows government employees to quickly familiarize themselves with the system without extensive training or technical expertise. It integrates with Avenu’s revenue collection platform, allowing local governments to centralize their financial operations. This integration ensures that payment data flows seamlessly across departments, facilitating efficient reconciliation and reporting processes. With just a few clicks, you can tailor EPay2Go to align with your department’s specific needs and services, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing infrastructure. Additionally, EPay2Go provides real-time visibility into payment transactions, enabling governments to monitor revenue trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions.

EPay2Go’s integration with the Citizen Portal enables customers to view their transaction history online. This transparency empowers constituents with a convenient way to keep track of their payments, access permits and passes, and print receipts. By providing these self-service capabilities, EPay2Go helps reduce inquiries, and support requests, freeing up staff time for more critical tasks.

EPay2Go is a game-changer for local governments seeking to enhance their payment processing capabilities. By enabling credit card payments anywhere, and offering an array of cutting-edge features, EPay2Go empowers agencies to provide seamless services to their constituents. The customization options and integration with existing systems further ensure that EPay2Go aligns perfectly with your department’s unique needs. Take the leap into the future of payment processing and let EPay2Go revolutionize your operations.