A Glimpse into the Future of Jury Management

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of modern governance, understanding how technology plays a pivotal role in traditional systems becomes paramount. One such domain that has seen remarkable transformation due to technological advancements is jury management. Recognizing this, we recently organized a webinar to explore this transformation in depth.

Our recent webinar, “Transforming Jury Management with Technology and Innovation”, was not just an educational event but also a testament to the importance of this topic. We were elated to have over 100 local government leaders join us for this live discussion.

At the heart of this webinar was the articulate Adrianna Harris, New Mexico Statewide Jury Program Manager from the New Mexico State Court. Adrianna took attendees on a journey, showcasing the synergy between technology and innovation. Through her insights, it became evident how this confluence is reshaping and enhancing the traditional practices of jury management.



For those who couldn’t attend or for anyone wanting a refresher, here’s what was covered:

  • The distinctive challenges Jury Administrators currently grapple with.
  • A look into New Mexico’s forward-thinking vision for its jury system.
  • How novel technological innovations are setting new standards.
  • The multiple advantages these advancements confer to courts and the general populace.
  • And, not to be missed, the learnings from New Mexico’s experience in navigating this tech-powered transformation.

In Conclusion:

As the world continues to integrate technology into every facet of operations, understanding its application and implications in areas like jury management becomes ever more essential. Our hope is that this webinar serves as a starting point for many to delve deeper into this topic. We remain committed to bringing more enlightening sessions like this in the future.

🎥 Access the webinar recording here. 🎥