Avenu Insights & Analytics Wins Prestigious M&A Atlas Award

Avenu Insights & Analytics, a global leader in administration and revenue recovery solutions for governments, recently received the coveted “Deal of the Year” award in the Gov/Tech industry for their acquisition with Interware Development. This remarkable success was recognized at the M&A Atlas Awards, honoring achievements in the USA mid-market communities. The award-winning acquisition positions Avenu for a bright future, enabling them to better serve their customers and revolutionize the way governments handle payment processing and citizen services.

Avenu Insights & Analytics has consistently demonstrated its commitment to modernizing government processes, reducing costs, and improving citizen experiences through its software solutions. By focusing on the unique needs of state and local governments, Avenu has helped agencies effectively navigate the challenges of a digital world. The recognition garnered by the M&A Atlas Award affirms their dedication and success in this endeavor.

The acquisition of Interware Development is set to modernize the market by enabling governments to consolidate third-party payment processing providers and streamline workflows. Through the combined efforts of Avenu and Interware, state and local governments will benefit from a more efficient and streamlined process for collecting permitting and licensing, utilities, and tax revenue. With Interware’s industry-leading payment processing solutions, Avenu’s existing clients gain access to a centralized payment platform that enhances government capabilities and improves the citizen experience. This consolidation results in a streamlined level of service that addresses the rapid growth in workflow processes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and freeing up staff productivity and resources.

Avenu Insights & Analytics’ receipt of the “Deal of the Year” award for their acquisition with Interware Development at the M&A Atlas Awards highlights their commitment to innovation and excellence in the Gov/Tech industry. The integration of Interware’s payment processing solutions expands Avenu’s capabilities and enables governments to enhance their services while improving efficiency. Through this acquisition, Avenu Insights & Analytics is poised to continue driving positive change in the industry, ultimately benefiting state and local governments and the citizens they serve.

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