Streamline Revenue Collection with Avenu Fund Accounting

Keep up with increasing demand for faster and more convenient payment options, local governments are seeking to streamline their financial management processes. Avenu’s fund accounting software provides fully integrated invoicing modules for property tax, utility billing, and miscellaneous billing, all designed to work together to streamline revenue collection and reduce administrative costs. By providing a centralized location for all invoicing modules, tracking historical data, and accepting electronic payments, Avenu’s solution enables jurisdictions to manage their finances more effectively and provide better services to their constituents.

Avenu Fund Accounting provides the ability to view all customer invoices in one location, making it easier to manage accounts and track payments. Administrators can easily project interests, scan barcodes and payment stubs for rapid payment posting, and accept credit card payments directly within the software. Historical data tracking is a significant benefit, empowering municipal offices to answer common inquiries across all departments. This feature is particularly useful for local governments that need to keep track of accounts receivable and manage collections efficiently.

One of the main advantages of Avenu Fund Accounting is its ability to accept electronic payments, including credit card payments. This feature not only enhances customer convenience by offering flexible payment methods but also eliminates the need for manual payment processing. Avenu’s online payment portal enables citizen self-help lookup and payment, making it easier for constituents to manage their finances while reducing the workload for local government staff.

Additionally, Avenu’s fund accounting solution is designed to work seamlessly with other modules and systems to streamline revenue collection and increase efficiency. Avenu’s software offers fully integrated invoicing modules for property tax, utility billing, and miscellaneous billing. Avenu Fund Accounting can handle multiple billing periods per year, supports the import of assessing data from multiple third-party assessing packages, recall batches easy entry of recurring transactions, and seamlessly loads all posted items to Avenu’s online payment portal.

Many local governments struggle to implement modern technology due to the lack of necessary resources, such as trained staff and the right infrastructure. Avenu Fund Accounting offers a user-friendly solution that requires minimal training and is designed to work with existing software and systems, limiting upfront costs, delays, and budget constraints. The adoption of innovative solutions, such as Avenu Fund Accounting, is crucial for local governments seeking to keep up with the demands of their constituents while managing their finances efficiently.