Securely Accept Payments with Virtual Terminal

As local governments continue to modernize and streamline their processes, accepting a wide range of payment methods for services is becoming increasingly important. Virtual Terminal is Avenu’s browser-based that allows local government employees to quickly and securely process payments, making it easier and more convenient for citizens to pay for government services.

One of the key benefits of Virtual Terminal is its simplicity and ease of use. With a simple and fast installation process, any department equipped with a PC can begin accepting payments, including credit and debit cards, ACH, cash, and check. Virtual Terminal also works in coordination with existing software, allowing for seamless integration into current systems.

In addition to its ease of use, Virtual Terminal offers real-time data tracking and reporting. Users can see transactions as they occur and have access to multiple report options and customized data sets across each department. Our smart search technology allows users to instantly narrow data by any criteria, providing valuable insights into payment trends and patterns.

By accepting credit card payments, local governments can reduce the number of returned checks, improve their collections process, and cut operational costs. This can help to increase revenue with next day funding and reduce the administrative burden on government employees who must process checks and handle returned payments. Additionally, Virtual Terminal improves the quality of service provided to citizens by reducing wait times and increasing the overall efficiency of the payment collection process.

Avenu’s Virtual Terminal is a simple, secure, and efficient way for local government to accept payments over the counter and makes it easier and more convenient for citizens to pay. With Virtual Terminal, citizens can pay using their preferred method, whether that’s a credit card or a traditional check. By improving customer service, increasing collections efficiency, and reducing operational costs, Virtual Terminal is a valuable asset for any local government looking to modernize their payment systems.