Streamlining Local Government Payments with EB2Gov

Avenu’s electronic billing and payment solution, EB2Gov provides a convenient way for jurisdictions to host services online and allows residents to securely pay their bills anytime, from anywhere. EB2Gov’s online services offer numerous advantages over traditional payment methods and improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better citizen experience.

EB2Gov enables residents to access their bills online and pay for multiple town assets in a single checkout. Residents can create a MyEB2Gov account to unlock the added benefits of managing their assets, scheduling payments, securely storing payment information for faster checkout, and receiving electronic notifications. Creating an account is recommended; however, EB2Gov allows for guest checkout as well. Once an account is created citizens can view their payment history at any time.

EB2Gov is provided to local government at no cost and a small fee is added to payments for those who find value in requesting these services online. Common online services include:

  • Motor Vehicle Renewals: Residents can enter their vehicle information to view their eligible vehicles available for renewal as well as schedule future payments. The registrations and stickers will be issued by the municipality and sent to the resident via US mail.
  • Motor Vehicle Estimates: Residents can look up motor vehicle estimates for a renewal or a newly purchased vehicle. EB2Gov will provide the most accurate estimate possible.
  • Dog Licensing: Residents can enter their dog tag or owner and dog name to review, renew, and submit payment. Outdated rabies certificates are identified, and users can upload documents from their veterinarian.
  • Vital Record Requests: Residents can request certified copies for birth, death, divorce, and marriage certicicates.
  • Property Taxes: Residents can look up their property and project future costs, view, schedule future payments, and submit payment online.
  • Utility Billing: Residents can search by account number, owner name, or property ID to view account information and submit payment.

In conjunction with EB2Gov and MyEB2Gov, EB2Gov Dashboard is designed for municipal agents to manage their platform and functionality. Administrators can create new payment pages, modify verbiage, upload bills, and manage licensing and record data. EB2Gov Dashboard gives municipalities greater control over their payment processes and streamlines administrative tasks.

EB2Gov offers a user-friendly platform for local government and citizens to manage their bills and payments more efficiently. By offering digital services and electronic payments, municipalities can save time and resources, while citizens can access government services with greater convenience and flexibility. EB2Gov modernizes and streamlines local government payment processes for a more efficient system for both the citizen and jurisdictions, truly making government more efficient for everyone.