Why You Need a Security Strategy for Long-Term Remote Operations

In a rush to mobilize workers in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, many local government agencies overlooked security measures and made themselves vulnerable to various cyberattacks.

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In 2021, agencies are beginning to understand that the long term effects of a remote workforce aren’t going to go away so easily. In light of these long-term operations, local governments need to brace themselves for cyberattacks by designing a strategy to keep infrastructure and data secure.

In this episode, Brennan Middleton talks with Roger Murphy, Director of Information Technology Managed Services at Avenu Insights & Analytics, about strategies local governments should implement to enhance security for their remote workforce.

We also discussed:

  • What local governments should be doing to prepare for cyber attacks.
  • Which security strategies governments should focus on first.
  • How organizations can train their employees on digital threats.
  • What to consider when moving an aging workforce into a remote environment.

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