Local Government Insights: An Introduction to Avenu’s New Podcast

For governments to serve their communities, they need solutions they can depend on.

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That’s where Avenu Insights & Analytics steps in. Whether it be funding insights grounded in regional revenue trends or administrative functions such as record management and human resource operations, Avenu’s software solutions are built on proven success at every level of government operation.

And now, they’ve started a podcast to provide insights from and for government officials of all different government sizes and departments.

In this inaugural episode of Local Government Insights, producer Kelsey Kohrs talks with Brennan Middleton, director of marketing at Avenu Insights & Analytics, about the mission and vision of this podcast.
Brennan also talked about:

  • His marketing experience and his role at Avenu.
  • How Avenu helps local governments sustain a high quality of life.
  • What listeners can expect to hear in future episodes.
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