Avenu Launches “Local Government Insights” Podcast

Avenu recently launched a new podcast: “Local Government Insights.” This podcast will introduce you to local government leaders who bringing innovative technology into the public sector, and partners who have helped create cutting edge solutions.

The series is “Local Government Insights” and targets areas of interest for state and local governments. It will cover a wide range of topics such as optimizing operations, improving services for constituents, and maximizing revenue without raising taxes.

We are interviewing subject matter experts from within Avenu and through formal partnerships and alliances we have formed. Some of the first episodes include:

  • Local Government Insights: An Intro to Avenu’s New Podcast
  • How Automation Helps Local Governments Thrive in a Post-Covid World
  • Why You Need a Security Strategy for Long-Term Remote Operations

The podcasts are available on Apple, and all your other favorite podcast platforms. Take a moment listen on your favorite platform. We would appreciate your reviews and feedback as we continue to release upcoming episodes.