How governments can craft a contingency plan for natural disasters.

In a natural disaster, state and local governments are more important than ever for their constituents. But to prepare for the kind of crisis a natural disaster can bring, governments need a contingency plan.

The thought of planning for a natural disaster may seem out of place during a pandemic. But as Avenu’s Ann Kirkbride explains in her latest op-ed, it’s never the wrong time for governments to start preparing for a future crisis. A natural disaster, like a hurricane or a wildfire, won’t wait for the pandemic to subside. Neither should governments.

The key risk that governments have to account for in their contingency plans is workplace and workflow disruption. That’s why an effective digital transformation needs to be a part of every contingency plan. A fire could damage vital government records, and a hurricane could cut power to a government office. But digital records and a remote work set-up are resilient to these disruptions.

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