How Technology Can Help With Government Revenue Enhancement

By: Avenu CEO, Paul Colangelo

“Local governments are in a budget crunch this year. Covid-19 has simultaneously decimated many municipal revenue streams and intensified the demands on local governments to provide effective public services. It’s a potentially devastating combination of falling revenue and increasing expenses. The National League of Cities estimates there will be up to $360 billion in revenue shortfalls for local city governments between now and 2022.

But for governments stuck in a pinch after the economic fallout of Covid-19, new technology of fers a way out. Digital processing and automated revenue management technologies can dramatically enhance government revenue while streamlining daily operations — providing cash-strapped governments with the means to succeed even under the most challenging of economic conditions. And beyond the budget, new technology creates a space where the private and public sectors can work hand in hand for the greater good of constituents.”

Read the rest of the article on Forbes.com to learn how digital processing and automated revenue management can increase government revenue during these challenging times.

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